Birkett Bespoke Tailors

Birkett Bespoke Tailors, based in St Margaret's, provide bespoke, hand-crafted tailoring for customers in the borough of Richmond wanting to make an immediate first impression.


Neil Birkett is quite a rarity. He is the only bespoke tailor locally, where gentlemen can have their own hand crafted suit, built in the traditional way, hand cut and hand sewn on the premises.

Dedicated sharp dressers travel from all over, to be expertly suited and booted by Neil’s deft hand.

Creating the perfect suit

“As a tailor, I see my job as making the most of your best features and disguising the worst.” explains Neil. “It’s all about balances.”

There are 3 main elements:


A tailor made suit is all about the fabric style, as every cloth does something different. Some fabrics have better recovery, some breathe better, some are more durable, some drape better. We determine what you require the suit to do – to work out the best fabric for you.


The suit will be made specifically to your body shape and size. Each aspect of your body configuration and posture are looked at; how you stand, move and sit is all important to the accuracy of the final measurements.

Building the suit

We create the suit that you like the look of aesthetically and build it to fit accordingly. It’s then making the suit personalised through your choice of lining, buttons and any finer details that are important to you.

95% of all of the wools used by Birkett Bespoke Tailors are milled in the UK. A made to measure suit costs from £600 for a two piece and a made to measure shirt from £100.

To plan your next suit, call to book a consultation or drop into the showroom and we can help.

020 8744 0044

20 Crown Road
St Margaret’s