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NEW OFFER ** PC + HD 6770 + GAMES (suitable for Bitcoin, DATA MINING (PCIe X2). Q6600 HIGHER than Intel Core i7 640M, Intel Core i7 2637M, AMD A8-7100 and Intel Core i7-620M. Photos = ACTUAL PC. Play B4 purchase. New Installs (May 2018) - Microsoft Office Professional 2013, Adobe Photoshop, Windows 7 (64 bit), Suitable for GAMING and BUSINESS/DESIGN and 'New Money' Bitcoin, Data Mining. Full specs below...

*** I ALSO SELL ... other PC items so click.. 'Sellers Other Items' for more PC offers.

I'm based in East London, Mile End/Bethnal Green, Roman Rd E3, (see map). Located 100 yards from nearest bus stop to Bethnal Green tube. If contacted via txt/email I will usually get back to you within minutes if not the same day.

*** VIDEO - GTA 5 running on Q6700, 4GB Ram, HD 6770 (1GB, DDR2). My PC has 5GB Ram (1GB extra) and my Q6600 cpu is almost the same as the Q6700. My HD 6770 card is GDDR5 (a faster version of the card). My offer runs GTA 5 better than this video. GTA 5 is one of the games included in my offer.

** This PC can also run Fortnite **

Read Specs Carefully:

* Processors: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 (2.4 GHz) - 4 Processors (Q6600 is HIGHER than Intel Core i7 640M, Intel Core i7 2637M, AMD A8-7100). Upgrade-able to highest Core 2 Quad CPU's (i5 level).

* DISPLAY: 1GB Radeon HD 6770 - Crimson Drivers - Asus (PCIe, HDMI (x1), DVI (x1), VGA (x1), GDDR5, Direct X 11, 128-BIT PROCESSING, Dual Monitor Support)

** HD 6770 ** It is almost TWO (x2) HIGHER than the 2GB Radeon R7 240 and 20% ABOVE the Radeon R7 250 Card. It is OVER TWO (X2) HIGHER than GT 720, GT 730, GT 710, GT 430, GT 440, Entire 8800 Series. EIGHT TIMES (X8) higher than the 2GB Radeon HD 5450, 2GB HD 6450 and 2GB Geforce GT 210.

* RAM: 5GB DDR2 Ram (4 ram slots / UPGRADE-ABLE TO 16GB RAM - 667, 800, 10600 (OC), 12000 (OC))

* Form Factor: Gaming Tower - Motherboard has CPU & Memory 'OVERCLOCKING ABILITIES' and has TWO (x2) PCIe graphics card slots. Making it SUITABLE for BITCOIN/DATA MINING.

* Hard Drives: 500GB HDD (Sata III/Hitachi/7200 rpm)
* Expansion Ports: USB x 9 (6 back/3 front), Lan (Ethernet), 7-in-1 Media Card Reader (SD, MMC, CF, xD, SMC), S/PDIF Connector (x1), FireWire IEEE 1394 (x1), Sata Ports (x6), Raid Ports (x2), IDE Port (x1)
* ** Dedicated PCI Sound Card - Extra Boost **
* DVD Writer (Sata)
* Motherboard Slots - PCI (x2 white), TWO (X2) PCie - Graphics Card Slots - NORMAL SIZE, PCI 2.2 (x3, Smaller White)
* NEW INSTALL: [10/5/18] Windows 7 Professional (64bit) (Activated), Microsoft Office Professional 2013 (Activated). Direct X (latest update). Windows Defender updated (This proves windows is activated). ** NOTE: See windows screen picture - Yellow on start menu program means that software is a brand new installation. **


Microsoft Office Professional 2013 (Activated)


Adobe Photoshop CS6


Grand Theft Auto 5

Call of Duty - Ghosts
Call of Duty - Modern Warfare 3 (III)

FarCry 4

Fallout 4
Fallout 4 - Automation
Fallout 4 - NukaWorld
Fallout 4 - Vault-Tec Workshop
Fallout 4 - Far Harbor

Bioshock Infinite

Dead Island (Zombie, Game)

I Am Alive (Survival, Game)


The Sims 4 (incl. All Expansion Packs)

Sonic Mania (Retro, 2017)


*** Sims 4, Sonic Mania (2017) and Cuphead are suitable for ALL AGES.

PLUS - Power Lead (x1)

PLUS - ** FREE - HDMI lead (x1)

ALL FOR £219

PC tower is a medium weight ... a Blue IKEA Bag or largest sports direct bag would be suitable. Please bring your own bags. I'm located 100 yards from the nearest bustop going directly outside bethnal green tube.

CALL/TXT - PETE on - Please leave No Voicemails. Have a pen ready if you require further information.
OR... send a message via EMAIL (emails checked daily).
*** I prefer to deal with reliable people so please... NO TIMEWASTERS, NO HAGGLERS or Market researchers (call centers).
Cheers, Pete
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