High Court judge grants temporary Traveller ban in Richmond

Travellers will be banned from pitching up on Richmond Council land for the next three months.


In recent months there have been a number of unauthorised traveller camps on council land.

Under present practice it can take between two to three weeks to secure a Removal Order and this does not stop evicted travellers moving to nearby sites.

Last week, the High Court agreed to a temporary borough-wide preventative injunction to protect all the council’s parks, open spaces and highways. This will expedite matters and prevent Encampments relocating to other council land.

Councillor Martin Elengorn said: “We regularly see a number of illegal traveller camps in our borough.

“Not only do the vehicles damage our parks and open spaces, but the community are deterred from using the parks. There is also occasional anti-social behaviour.

“When this happens, residents ask the council and local police to remove the travellers swiftly.

“However, we have to work within the law and the current process is lengthy.

“This new temporary injunction, will speed up the process, apply across all council land and act as a deterrent to future would-be campers.”

The temporary injunction will last for three months, upon which the council will apply for a permanent measure.


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