Residents flock to cast votes on Twitter in poll to name new bridge

The public vote on a name for the new footbridge in Mortlake has opened.


Richmond Council collaborated with Network Rail to install the bridge, which spans the level crossing at Mortlake.

The council said this week the public vote which will officially determine the name of the bridge is now open.

Councillor Alexander Ehmann, cabinet member for transport, streetscene and air quality, urged residents to get online and cast their votes.

“We are delighted to have helped residents make this bridge a reality. Now that it has been installed and there are only a handful of weeks left until it is ready to be opened, it’s time to give it a real identity.”

The council said that over 280 suggestions had been submitted by members of the public in the borough, and now the public will vote in a series of knock-out style head to heads between some of the best suggestions before the final winner is declared.

“Week one of the vote will be elimination rounds. The winners from each round will go head to head in the semi-finals next week, with the final vote on the top two thereafter,” the Council said.

Throughout this week the head to head contests between names will take place, and the votes were already mounting rapidly on Richmond Council’s Twitter page.

The head-to-head votes taking place this week are:

• Worple Walkway


• Burton Bridge

• Cobb-Morley Crossing


• Berners Lee Bridge

• Hartley Crossing


• Konstanz Bridge

• Hart Bypass


• Brewery Bridge

Cllr Ehmann reminded residents to vote in the future rounds too as the voting commenced.

Cllr Ehmann said: “We received hundreds of potential names and now we going to have a vote on the last eight! So, let us know which name you vote for…. is it one with a local reference, a local hero or a pun? Don’t forget to vote in each round to save your favourite name from elimination!”

To vote for your preferred name, head here..


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