Tuesday, June 25, 2019



5 Intense Fat Burning Workouts

1 Weight Training Although cardio will burn more calories, weight training is where it’s at if you want to zap the fat. Resistance exercises that involve major muscle groups and your own body weight, like lunges, squats,...

Women who do 60 minutes of daily physical activity more likely to reach 90, finds study

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Women who partake in physical activity for an hour a day have a far greater chance of reaching the age of 90 than those who do less than 30 minutes, according to a study. The...

Taller women live longer, study finds

Tall women are more likely to live longer, the results of a new study have shown. Researchers found that women who were five 5ft 9ins at the age of 40 were 31 per cent more...

From insomnia to cold hands and feet: The major signs of a slow metabolism – and how you can fix it

Metabolism is a complex chemical process relating to the body's ability to produce energy from fat, sugar and protein. A fast metabolism sees the body efficiently processing energy, whereas a slow metabolism sees the body...