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A wonderful variety of different arts and crafts to enhance your child's creativity. Illustrated with pictures and step by step instructions in an easy to read format. Excellent condition. Features included in the Creative Lettering book; materials that you will need for creative lettering, techniques used. Things to create include, rocket birthday card, balloon party invitation, alien door plaque, illuminated bookmark, personalised paper, snow white poster, hobby box & school project folder. Features which the Teaching in colour book includes; provides ideas for each subject in turn (within the topics, activities are structured as either First Activities for younger children or more activities for older and advanced children. You will also find listed, where appropriate resources required for each double page and vocabulary boxes; these point out new words or concepts which you may wish to introduce to children. The book is aimed primarily at the 5-9 age range however, older children (up to 10) can also engage in these activities. This book includes activities related to Science, English, Maths, Design & Technology, Geography, Art, History and Religious Education. The Art Attack book features some of the following fun activities; dream castle, snake hook, pasta frame, picture mobile, funny face, fridge magnet, face bowl, 3D picture, crazy fish tank, junk jewellery, cup monster, rocket tidy and shelf buddies. The Mosaics book features the following activities, insect greeting card, African mask, Knight in Armour Picture, Indian Elephant Shoe bag, Egyptian Eagle Necklace, Maths Biscuits, Grecian Coaster, Seaside Pebble Frame, Celestial Pot, Aztec Book Cover and Patterns. The Printing Book features the following activities; Natural Wrapping Paper and Gift Tag, Sea Monster Game, Chinese Pencil Pot, Gecko T- shirt, Aztec Birthday Card, Egyptian Dominoes, Modern Art Socks, Mosaic Chalk Board, Asian Cushion, Primitive Clay Picture and Patterns. The Handmade Cards book features the following activities; Nazca Birds, Fantasy Planets, Matisse Collage, Its a Goal!, Spooky wood, Funky Fish, Smiling Sunflower, Pop- up Dinosaur, Jazzy Guitar, Winter Window, Techniques and Patterns.

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