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Designing an open-plan living space with the expert help of L&E (Lofts & Extensions) suits the whole family.


With the help of L&E (Lofts and Extensions), Simon and Iona Bricknell have transformed their Victorian home in Teddington into a light-filled, sociabl place with a multi-functional kitchen and family room at the rear of the property.The Bricknell family has lived in their current home since 2008 and although the property was lovely when they moved in, they could always see it had the potential for a more open-plan way of living. As their two young daughters became teenagers they realised that having a space

where they could all be together, whilst doing different things, was becoming more important. Simon explains, “We always thought it would be nice to open the space up so had a fairly clear idea of what we were planning and then L&E recommended an architect to work with. ”Although the couple got quotes from different builders they found that L&E’s was not only the most competitive but also the most comprehensive. “One of the best things about their quote was that it was very detailed; everything was split into different sections so you could see exactly where the cost was,” remembers Simon.


There were other factors that helped make their decision: “We knew people who had used L&E and we’d seen their advertising and knew they do a lot of projects locally. We also visited a couple of completed builds they had done, which was really useful. It was good to speak to previous clients to understand the structure of L&E and how they work,” says Simon.

“Its completely changed how we live”

With L&E instructed, one of the first jobs was the removal of an ol conservatory, which had the usual problem with conservatories – too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer! By demolishing this and removing an external wall they were able to create a large, open-plan kitchen and family room. One of the most striking features of this room now is the huge L-shaped bi-fold doors, which completely open out on to the garden, creating a wonderful flow o space. “One of the things we really wanted was to get the flooring completely level so i was good to be able to achieve that,” reflects SimonThe family lived in the property throughout the project, and found this bearable because the builders were good at helping to move the dishwasher around and do some temporary plumbing to ensure the Bricknells had the necessities. Simon and Iona were impressed with the work ethic of the building team: “They were very good – they were interested in making sure that we were happy. Rather than just working as quickly as possible, they ensured that the finish was exactly as we wanted an that we were pleased with how things were progressing.”This capacious room with its clearly defined zones is modern living at its bes and the family are delighted with what’s been achieved.“It’s completely changed how we live: we spend all of our time in here. It’s nice to have a space where we can all be together,” smiles Simon, “We would certainly recommend our L&E team to others – they were very good.”

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