Tube drivers left furious after platforms are ‘crush loaded’ amid coronavirus outbreak

Drivers and other frontline staff have been left furious after passengers swarmed the London Underground this morning.


Pictures have flooded the internet of tightly packed tubes, with commuters left standing over each other, with little to no space to move.

The number of commuters merely seemed to have reduced despite passengers being urged not to travel unless their journey is ‘absolutely essential’.

Finn Brennan, the Aslef district organiser covering London Underground, said on Twitter: “Still heavy loading on some tube lines this morning making social distancing impossible.

“This is endangering the health of the vital workers who have to use the system.

“The Government must act now to ensure only essential journeys are made.

“I am being sent pictures of crush loaded platforms at some Jubilee line platforms this morning.

“Drivers and other frontline staff are furious.”

Mick Cash, general secretary of the Rail, Maritime and Transport union, said: “There is still enormous personal pressure on the Tube workforce who are exposed to levels of social contact that the Government say are unacceptable for the wider public.

“The only people using our transport services should be essential workers who have to travel.

“Everyone else should stay away to protect themselves, the staff and the wider community.”

Transport for London has suspended the Circle line and Waterloo & City line, and reduced frequencies on other parts of the Tube network.


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