Coaching for exceptional times


Have you felt during this time that you require resources and resilience that you cannot quite access?
Have you felt that it has thrown up challenges and dilemmas you don’t quite know how to meet and resolve?
Has this period put unwelcome levels of pressure on your family life, relationships, work performance, employment security, personal space or personal boundaries?

If so, you may consider a coaching session to help you restore resilience, resourcefulness and perspective.

People all over our city have used one-off sessions to regain perspective and confidence in their ability to cope with these uncertain and challenging times.I am a locally based coach offering Skype sessions to boost people and help them cope with these exceptional times. Having trained as an intercultural coach, I am used to helping people thrive in unfamiliar conditions and unknown territory. Having worked across many sectors, I have vast experience to offer people in coping with this altered world of work, whilst protecting their performance and employability.

To access the coaching, whether for personal or professional goals and support, please contact Joan

Phone: 07533996445 

Stephen Ford


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