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Welcome to Bodylistics®, your internationally acclaimed movement coaching and injury prevention programme, home-made here on Richmond Hill!!

Are you looking to train your well-being in a kind and body-intelligent way, integrate creative movement-awareness into your daily life, learn all about your body, and understand more about how to prevent injuries or recover from niggles? Then this is for you! Check out our brand-new offer and visit, where under one roof you will find all that your body, heart and soul desire.

Bodylistics® is about guiding you to a pain-free, joy-filled movement life. Encouraging you to truly understand and facilitate a balanced body-mind-movement-connection both in active activities as well as in your every day life. We are providing a realistic and enjoyable movement programme that you can do wherever you are and whenever you want. Designed to physically train together online, but also to inspire the acquisition of more awareness around anatomy, biomechanics and kynesthetic principles. We specialise in bringing tangible knowledge, generous movement and memorable exercise wisdom to every body and into every day work and home life, both physically and mentally. With the main focus being on injury prevention and self-assisted recovery from physical issues. Putting the theory into practice, through imagery and movement experience, combined with fully guided physical maintenance programmes. We love sparking curiosity and make moving easy, and sure thing there is something for every age and ability.

To find out more about the diversity of Bodylistics®, please watch all the free videos on the homepage, with interviews and a trailer for each section to show what’s inside the membership box. For just £10 you get 24hours full access to the whole site, and from just 55p a day (that’s the annual membership) you will become a real Bodylistiquer where we welcome you full-time to the vast library of learning, exploring and moving along, any time, anywhere, unlimited.

Here’s to seeing you there!!


ENJOY it &

Be BODYFUL with it!!

And, well, bodylistically yours

M: 07963 014 047


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